Among Past and Future

Among past and future
The ancient baglio is located in the heart of the Natural Reserve “Preola Lake and Gorghi Tondi”, inside the area of Mazara del Vallo (TP) at the Gorghi Tondi place. The building dates back to the XVIII century, since from the very beginning it was intended for production and processing of agricultural products and daily accommodation for the owner and the peasants.
The mansion, built on a rectangular plan and extended on one level for a total extension of 2700 square meters, consists of a courtyard and rural stores for tools that form the three sides of the court.
The project “Baglio Aimone” on top of vineyards tilling and producing fine quality wine, has also the high priority task to completely recover the ancient baglio, which remained out of order for a long time in the past decades before the acquisition by the ownership. In 2014 the Company presented the renovation project to create a new cellar in full compliance with the original architectural layout and style, approved already by the entitled authorities in 2015 for related works expected to start within 2016.
Historical tradition of Sicily