The Company was born in 2012 by an idea of Baldassare Paladino, native of the city of “Mazara del Vallo” (TP), in order to recover the old family’s tradition of winemakers which has been lost in the past generations, as well as by the true love for Sicily and its amazing natural landscapes.
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After years of hard work towards the authorities in charge of the protection of the architetural and natural heritage, in 2016 the Company finally got the green light to start the renewal of the baglio and build up the new cellar, changing so the intuition into a real project and giving life to “Baglio Aimone”.
The historic family house «Villa Aimone», located in the uncontaminated village of Torretta Granitola just a few kilometers far from the vineyards, offered the right hint to name the eighteenth century owned baglio*, which is placed straight into the heart of the Natural Reserve “Preola Lake and Gorghi Tondi”.
gloria minafra
Today as then, we are proud to take care of our fields every day with passion and skill, offering to the wine lovers all the beauty of Sicily, pure as we harvest it here.  (Baldassare Paladino)

The Baglio

Baglio Aimone


Vigneti Baglio Aimone



* «baglio» is a particular type of farmhouse from Sicily similar to a manor, designed and built according to specific Sicilian architectural styles and shapes.