The Company was born in 2012 by an idea of Baldassare Paladino, native of the city of “Mazara del Vallo” (TP), by the family passion for wine and true love for Sicily and its amazing natural landscapes.
The historic family house «Villa Aimone», located in the uncontaminated seaside village of Torretta Granitola, provided the right hint to name the owned ancient baglio* and its surrounding vineyards, in the heart of the Natural Reserve “Preola Lake and Gorghi Tondi”.
In the same year the tight cooperation built up with Agriconfront company, owned by Giuseppe e Michele Marino brothers, makes the intuition become a project giving so life to “Baglio Aimone”.
Today as then, we are proud to take care of our fields every day with passion and skill, offering to the wine lovers all the beauty of Sicily, pure as we harvest it here.

Giuseppe Marino

Technical Director

Born in Marsala and grown up in the nearby town of Petrosino where he still lives, since childhood he spent entire days walking through the vineyards together with his brother Michele and his grandpa. Such walks gave him the love for studying agriculture at the high school already and finally to get the degree in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pisa.
His professional career began in 1980 working for AIMA and managing AGRIT – MAF projects as well as the Italian “Oil and Wine national file”; since 1990 he leads the vineyards family company being in parallel a skilled professional agronomist.
Since 2012 he is a member of Baglio Aimone with the role of Technical Director, supporting the Company by his technical competence and strong knowledge of viticulture techniques.

Baldassare Paladino

Chief Executive Officer

Born and grown up in Mazara del Vallo as well as being a pure “Torrettese” inhabitant, he moved to Genoa in 1964 where he completed his studies in economics previously started at the University of Palermo, then he undertook a career within business administration and finance branch inside several important Italian companies, but without ever abandoning the idea to create one day his own sustainable project in Sicily.
Among many duties still active over several fronts, in 2012 he founded Baglio Aimone and since then as Chief Executive Officer he leads the Company, establishing business strategies and organizational structure by a mix of pure passion for the wine product and his long term experience within business administration.

Giovanni Paladino

General Manager

Born in Genoa he grew up between the coasts of Liguria and the village of Torretta Granitola in Sicily, to which he’s strongly linked since childhood, electrical engineer with passion of martial arts, sailing and motors, he’s been since ever a true lover of Sicilian culture as well as one of the most convinced promoter of the great development potential of the region, both in the wine than in nature and tourism businesses.
More than ten years experienced professional in project management and sales areas within big multinational companies leading the industry business as well as high expertise in global markets behaviour, since 2014 he’s General Manager of the Company with the main task to develop its business on the market.

Paola Rita Chirco

Business Administration Director

Paola is native of Marsala, she had scientific education since high school which she then completed by graduating as an agricultural technician at the Agricultural Technical Institute "Abele Damiani"; she then got the professional license meanwhile driving the wine-company she inherited from her dad.
Flexible and eclectic, constantly divided between kids, work and family business as well as to her passion for reading, in 2012 she joined the organizational staff of Baglio Aimone as the Business Administration Director; in such a role she acts with the enthusiasm and passion that have been her typical characteristics since ever, by pursuing excellence in results and giving extreme attention to details at work.

Michele Marino

Technical Director

Native of the city of Marsala Michele has stable roots in Petrosino town, where he grew up with the passion for agriculture thanks to his grandfather’s vineyards family company, so much involved that he decided to start studying that specific area, until he got the related diploma of agricultural technician, after which he began his professional career in Italy.
In 1985 he started to work with AIMA and for more the ten years he deeply experienced many high level agricultural companies, until he came back to Petrosino due to family needs.
Since 2002 he manages the consultant company Agriconfront together with his brother Giuseppe and in 2012 he became partner of Baglio Aimone, as a Technical Director he coordinates all the activities on the vineyards with his long time specific experience.

The Baglio

Baglio Aimone


Vigneti Baglio Aimone



* «baglio» is a particular type of farmhouse from Sicily similar to a manor, designed and built according to specific Sicilian architectural styles and shapes.