Historical tradition of Sicily

Historical tradition of Sicily
Originally called Baglio Patrantonio, in 2012 the ownership renamed it Baglio Aimone, which comes from the Opera “The four sons of Aimone“, a French tale of the XIII century also known as “Rinaldo of Montalbano”, which tells the adventures of the four horsemen and sons of the Duke of Aimone. Starting from the above referred Opera it came then the Romance and its stories about Carlo Magno’s Paladins of France, moved then into Sicilian tradition by the ‘“Pupi’s Opera”, which uses their representation within the puppets theatre.
Richly decorated and crafted, made with a wooden core, the “pupi” had true real armours and the “puparo”, the person who moved them in the theatre giving them voice as well, took care of the puppet, of the show and the scenes, being able to create emotions and pathos to those epic representations.
In 2008 UNESCO enrolled the “Pupi’s Opera” in the Oral and Immaterial World Heritage Site, after having declared it originally in 2001. It has been the very first Italian heritage ever included in such list.
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