Argalia e Ferraù: The 2017 wine guides awards

“Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet!” That’s the theoretical comment we supposed that our ancient latin father would have told us, if he were here on the day after the official release of the 2017 wine guides.
At their very first year of appearance, both our wines Argalia and Ferraù actually received prestigious awards and high marks by the wine guides Bibenda, Veronelli and Vini Buoni d’Italia, from which we provide below related evaluations:
Ferraù 2014: 4 bunches
Argalia 2014: 4 bunches
Ferraù 2014: 90 marks
Argalia 2014: 88 marks
Ferraù 2014: 4 stars and mention in the dedicated special guide session “wines which can’t be missed”.
An important result that rewards us for our commitment during these years of hard work, always looking for top quality without any compromises. From the grape to the bottle through the people who every day, with passion, changed what at the beginning was a fascinating idea into true reality. Special thanks for this success to our amazing “sorcerers”, the agronomist Giuseppe Marino and the wine maker Salvatore De Vita, thank you mates!
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