Go Wine ninth act.. Autochthonous is a birth matter!

The Go Wine Association has started the 2017 season of its events in Milan, with the traditional appointment “Autochthonous is a birth matter” now at its ninth year edition, at the Hotel Michelangelo, dedicated to the huge world of Italian grape varieties, a patrimony to be protected and enhanced. A must-see for our Company as a producer of wines exclusively from the two indigenous grapes of Sicily, Grillo and Zibibbo.
For tasting there were wines made by native grapes coming from forty wineries almost representing all of Italy, from the most famous and rewarded as Nebbiolo, Aglianico, Barbera and Verdicchio, to very rare and mostly little-known, one out of all the “Gamba di Pernice” or “Gambarossa”. Regarding the wineries, all of them were small companies as we are, fully addicted with great passion and love to their work and their lands.
The combination of native vines and small producers has really been effective, confirming the fact that our country must pay more and more attention and exploit its rich heritage of grapes, as well as that small businesses are an invaluable resource of our viticulture.
A valuable support to dad Baldassare during the exhibition came by Emanuela Capellaro Matteo Pagani, owners of the wine agency “Degustazioni & Dintorni”, our business partner in the province of Milan, to whom we extend our best wishes, see you next time mates

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