Gold bunches to forge the knight’s armour



The 2016 harvest has been quite tough and somehow unusual, uncertain weather and soft warm in June and July made the growth of Grillo and Zibibbo grapes become lazy, so we waited the ripening like a beautiful woman.
So, in memory of the previous great year 2015, the agronomist Giuseppe and the wine maker Salvatore, playing the roles of our two knights Argalia and Ferraù and with the same wish to fight for the princess Angelica, from the dawn they started already roaming through the vineyards, anxious to measure the slightest progress of the ripening of the grapes. But as often it happens, by the slight fear of a long waiting it comes out a great wonder, as what the patience of the winegrower sows the beauty of the fruit returns.
Healthy berries and gold tinged bunches, whose quality send us straight ahead to next year 2017, imagining yet another amazing territorial expression of the DOC Grillo and Zibibbo once properly aged in bottles.
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