Il Giorno che il Grillo…Mothia

The Grillo, one of the most representative vines of Sicily, was the undisputed star of the great event hold in Mothia on 25th of June 2016 organized by the “Consorzio di Tutela Vini Doc”. Within the enchanting landscape of the Lagoon of Marsala the exhibition culminated with the tasting session of 28 wines all “Grillo Sicilia Doc”, produced by 25 different companies, below the complete list of wineries and their wines:
1. Alcesti – Edesia 2015
2. Alessandro di Camporeale – Vigna di Mandranova 2015
3. Baglio Aimone – Argalia 2015
4. Baglio Cristo di Campobello – Lalùci 2015
5. Baglio di Pianetto – Timeo 2015
6. Cantine Birgi – Trisole 2015
7. Cantine Europa – Eughenes 2015
8. Cantine Colomba Bianca – Kore 2015
9. Cantine Paolini – Gurgò, Sicilien
10. Cantine Petrosino – Vignammuri
11. Cantine Rallo – Bianco Maggiore 2015, Lacuba 2014
12. Cantine Settesoli – Costadune 2015
13. Caruso&Minini – Timpune 2015
14. Cusumano – Shamaris 2015
15. Cva Canicattì – Fileno 2015
16. Donnafugata – Sur Sur 2015
17. Feudo Arancio – Feudo Arancio Grillo 2015
18. Feudo Principi di Butera – Feudo Principi di Butera Grillo 2015
19. Firriato – Altavilla
20. Fondo Antico – Grillo Parlante
21. Gorghi Tondi – Kheirè
22. Masseria del Feudo – Grillo 2015
23. Tasca d’Almerita – Cavallo delle Fate 2015, Mozia 2015
24. Tenuta Rapitalà – Tenuta Rapitalà Grillo
25. Valle dell’Acate – Zagra 2015
Before the tasting session, it took place the conference “The Grillo, origins and territorial expressions”, during which several important and influential speakers had their speech, in front of many journalists and experts. The discussion debated about the key points regarding this amazing Sicilian autochthonous, through a fascinating digression that guided us from its roots up to current development and beyond, to challenges and risks that producers will have to face in the future.
“The birth of the Grillo” underlined Giacomo Ansaldi, winemaker of the Paulsen vivaium, is dated 1874 and is reported within the Baron Antonino Mendola documents, agronomist and ampelographer. He created such a variety by mixing the Catarratto grapes with the Moscato d’Alessandria “to get a hybrid one which might have all the virtues of both parents mixed together, in order to produce a more aromatic Marsala”.
During the tasting session, Mr. Attilio Scienza professor of the University of Milan, pointed out that by the organoleptic analysis of the proposed Grillo wines, some show notes as “thiol” and others as “terpene”. The first category includes the most fine and delicate wines, balanced with fruity and floral aromas typical of the variety, in this case, tropical fruit, citrus and broom. To the second belong those with a greater olfactory complexity, which show, in addition to the typical floral notes, even those mentholated and balsamic, in this last category can be classified our ARGALIA 2015 DOC Sicilia. The professor Scienza finally stated that “The Grillo is the only contemporary Italian wine, a white wine that has a great future”. Antonio Rallo, president of the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Doc Sicilia, then reminded everyone that for the Grillo vines has been right initiated an important protection path, which will give further quality assurance to consumers and for which all the producers will be at the same time guarantors and beneficiaries.
In such a scenario of current development of the Grillo, as well as with confidence in the perspective of further growth for the future, we feel pleased and proud to have attended this important event in Mothia with our ARGALIA 2015 DOC Sicilia. Special thanks from us to the Consorzio di Tutela Vini DOC Sicilia for the opportunity to be there and to all people who visited our stand during the tasting session, honouring us by several quality awards. Stay tuned ..

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