In the middle of the Conservative Renewal works



The conservative renewal works of the ancient baglio are finally in full swing and all is proceeding at a quick pace. The first tranche, expected to be accomplished within September 2016, regards the construction of all the roofs by wooden trusses and Sicilian “coppo”, the full repair of the outside walls where they had collapsed over the past decades and the completion of the entire south wing, which will house the winery and its machinery for the wine production.
The project, divided into at least three large blocks, is long and complex, but we are proud to say that after only a few months of intense activity, we already brought back to light the incomparable beauty of the original building. Today Baglio Aimone is fully accessible in safe conditions and the risk of further collapse, which occurred repeatedly in several parts of the structure before the acquisition by the property, is definitely averted.
Stay tuned for further updates … we just started! ..

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