Sicily in bubbles 2018 – We were among the best tastings

Sicilia in Bolle 2018

VINODABERE: The best tastings of Sicily in Bubbles 2018..Iratus Brut millesimato 2016!

The fourth edition of Sicily in Bolle has ended

in a beautiful and warm evening of July summer, at the Madison Trattenimenti of Realmonte, where they thought the sparkling wines of the fifty-one Sicilian companies that were present at the event, in addition to the various Trento D. O. C. to quench and refresh all participants. Numbers in hand, we can safely say that the event organized and edited by the. I. S. of Agrigento is constantly growing. Almost seven hundred participants among enthusiasts, wine lovers, industry workers and journalists, fifty-one Sicilian wineries that have joined with their sparkling wines and / or sparkling wines, as well as a significant number of Trento DOC That the Sicilian spumantistica has more than a say, it was understood during the Masterclass of Sunday, July 1, 2018, but at the tasting tables there were real surprises to involve the participants to taste and refresh with the product that manages to be always current and with which you can to be good or bad, everyone agrees. From the Classic Method, to the Charmat Method, from Frappato to the Grecanico (obviously sparkling), among many valid products, there has been some interesting news that has not gone unnoticed, here is one of the judgments we have received with our Iratus:




“Iratus – Sparkling wine made from Grillo grapes with the Charmat method. The perlage is persistent. Smoke that is clearly perceived by bringing the glass to the nose, then the tobacco notes come to an end with flavors of sponge cake. Harmonic with an acidic shoulder that makes it interesting. Good taste – olfactory correspondence” ( Fabio Cristaldi)