Sicily on stage in Genoa

Culinary excellence, stories of sicilian life, people..culture. These are the main ingredients that created pure magic at the event held on Sunday, November 22th, 2015 at the Tower Hotel in Genoa, which saw the participation of the legendary Rais of the “Tuna Trap of Favignana” Mr. Gioacchino Cataldo, extraordinary representative of the Island and its secular tradition about tuna fishing. In such a special context our autoctonous grapes Grillo and Zibibbo were mandatory called to attend, as perfect exponents of the unique territory of Mazara del Vallo and the natural reserve of “Preola Lake and Gorghi Tondi”. Many thanks to Luca Arrigo for the invitation to participate and to Moreno Babbini for leading the tasting session in the afternoon, dedicated exclusively to Argalia, Ferraù and to our Company. An intense day which involved and excited everyone from professionals to wine lovers, with Sicily again main actress..see you next time!

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