Our presence in the guide seminario Oro Veronelli 2019


For the 3rd year in a row!

Yes, and we are in the third consecutive year of our presence in one of the most authoritative guides that recognizes and enhances the culture of wines and “gastronomic deposits” present throughout the Italian territory; from the first bottled year 2014 two years ago (Guida Veronelli 2017), last year with 2015 (Guide 2018) and this year with 2016 (Guide 2019).


A guide of cultural and scientific character entitled to Luigi Veronelli, who for years has accompanied in a critical, provocative, dialectical way agriculture and Italian catering from the subsistence economy to the global affirmation of the second millennium. Especially appreciable is their way of closely following the world of agriculture and food, confronting professionals and enthusiasts with the sensitivity and consistency inherited, in fact, from the “father of Italian gastronomic criticism” of which they bear the name.


here is the 2019 version