Baglio Aimone
Via G. Falcone 13 91020 Petrosino (Tp), Sicilia Italia
Tel: 0039 0923.985082

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Vini autoctoni siciliani

The old structure of
the 18th century

The building of the old estate dates back to the 18th century; since its origin it had always been used for the production of agricultural products and as daily home for the owner and the farmers.

The architectural structure

The structure is rectangular and has an area of 3000 square metres that extends on the ground floor. There is a central courtyard and the three sides were used as storehouses for the agricultural tools.

The recovery project

The project of “Baglio Aimone” aims not only at the vine cultivation and wine production, but also at recovering the old 18th century structure, that had fallen into disuse for a long time, before its acquisition.

The ambition for the future

Today, after a long and complex restoration work that began in 2006, Baglio Aimone houses the new wine cellar, that preserves the old architectural style of the property, giving the Baglio a special charm.