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Lago Preola and Gorghi
Tondi Nature Reserve

The Reserve, which is part of the natural protected areas of the Regional Plan of Parks and Reserves since 1991, was set up in 1998 and managed by Italy WWF Association.

A unique territory

Since 1981 the area is under protection for the natural beauty of the territory of Mazara del Vallo and the bond of reserve involves a strip of land that goes from Mazzara del Vallo to Torretta Granitola, almost parallel with the coast and more or less 1 kilometer far from the seaside.

Watch the documentary about the Reserve

“Lago Preola e Gorghi Tondi” Integral Nature Reserve. Created by “L'Arca”.

Sustainability and organic farming

Divided in area A and area B, within the area B of the WWF Protected Oasis – Lago Preola e Gorghi Tondi Integral Nature Reserve, the agricultural activities are allowed under the control of the competent authority, which also stimulates the organic farming.